SharePoint and Silverlight 3

Okay now I am doing something that I shouldn’t be doing on sunday. Digging up things from SharePoint… Well accident has happened and here are the results. I did a little research about how to integrate SharePoint and Silverlight 3. At first I just took the right samples and tools and did web.config modifications (without enough digging beforehands!). So after doing modifications to web.config stating something like include dll: System.Web.Silverlight. Well SharePoint says that there is no such assembly on the machine. This got me bit thinking, I installed all the needed stuff (sdk’s and Silverlight it self to devbox but still this error comes up). Well error to search machine and there is the answer right around the corner. In Silverlight 3 there is no more something fancy ASP.NET stuff including this .DLL file. Bueno..
So how to proceed, I found this this blog post from Karine Bosch how to go on with this new thingy. So following the blog post’s inners I got everything working by using the Javascript approach (another one would be installing Silverlight SDK 2 and go on with that road but I decided to be more "up to the current date" kind of guy at this time). So nothing more than couple javascripts in hive folder and your XAP in there too and you have it! Nice clean and simple. In a way simplicity of this way astonishes me but I am worrying that things cannot be this simple.
Well now I am digging more about getting stuff from SharePoint with web services into my Silverlight…. More when I got something to say about this topic :).. And also thank you Drazen Dodik for answering to my annoying little questions about Silverlight 😉 He’s the guru in this SL matter

About Sakarih

I am SharePoint developer/architect from Finland and my blogposts are all about SharePoint 2007/2010/2013 stuff. There might be also something else posted.
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